In the Philippines, we are working every day to help give the children a better future, and in Norway, we work to keep the wheels in motion.


Meet the people of Streetlight! 

Erlend Johannesen

Founder, Liaison Officer


Marvin Jerusalem


I worked in Streetlight because I believed that through Streetlight I can have a better life. Thank you, Streetlight!

Edward Dolo


I am not just working here to earn but also to help children in need.

Niño De Paz



Raymar Eria



Cristita Sajol

Social Welfare Aide

Everyday that I’m with Streetlight, I am learning. Like how to discipline children and how to treat different kinds of family. I am glad that through working here, I can help children and my family.

Michelle Alvero

Sponsor Relation Officer

After Typhoon Haiyan, I felt the need to give back to those people who helped Tacloban. I couldn’t think of any other means to do it but to work for a charity institution, then I found Streetlight. Witnessing the change, I see on the children and youth we serve makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Knowing that in my own little way I am actually molding future leaders of the country.

Romana Mabulay

Social Welfare Aide

The reason why I am working in Streetlight because this institution is showing a generous and sincere help to the less fortunate. Working here is not about the salary but it is because many children needs help. That is why I dedicate myself to help them as much as I can.

Neva Johannesen

Executive Director


Romeo Fabillar


I am always thankful to Streetlight because through my work here, I can help my mother and siblings.

Renato Navigante


At first, I am here to make a living for my children but as time go on, I saw children in need. I am glad that I became a part of Streetlight, at least in this way I can help people.

Michael Velasco



Jeisa Muldez

Social Worker

I am working with Streetlight because working with children and their families is the most rewarding job I can think of. Knowing that my job is to help kids achieve their potentials and aspirations makes me feel like I’m a better person every day.

Louie Sabanal


I am working here not just to help my family but to help other people as well.

Devina Dalagan

Project Administrator

I do this job because I believe in this organization. I can always relate myself to our scholars on what I have been through to achieve my goal to finish college. I found the skills for life’s mission of working with communities especially the out of school youth to find solutions to their life challenges and I know this was my job I could perform with passion.

Lita Tomilluso

Social Welfare Aide

Being with Streetlight makes me happy. I can help families, disciplining children and people who are less fortunate.

Danica Monte

Executive Secretary

I am working with SL because they are like my second family. I am not just working but also helping those children that we saved. Being with our clients and hearing their story keeps me motivated to work every day.  

Renato Dela Cruz


I always believe that here in Streetlight, I can be a better person.

Ricky Gadaingan


I am working with Streetlight not only to provide the needs of my family but I can see their mission and their vision that it can really help families and children.

Joel Capon


To take part in realizing the mission and vision of Streetlight.

Rosita Handoc

Social Welfare Aide

Streetlight give me an opportunity to help children who need love and care that they don’t have from their families. I am happy watching a child’s life slowly changing.

Joenel Cablao

Football Coach

I am here with Streetlight to meet children in need and help them. I want to teach them football and self-discipline so that maybe someday they can play in a national team.

Eddie Lito Homeres



Richard Peru

Social Worker

The reason why I work with streetlight is I want to be a part of a team where I can share my work experiences, skills, capacity and passion to change the life of a child for them to become a productive member of the community.

Kontonummer: 4202.31.56606

IBAN: NO42023156606


Adr.: Sparebank 1 Midt-Norge

         PO Box 4796 Sluppen

         N-7467 Trondheim

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