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Streetlight opens doors for children, providing them with the tools to choose a better life.

Read about our programs.

Study Center

Streetlight has two study centers where the children at our home and from the slum has access to computers, a library, and a place to study. We also provide the children with tutoring. This is a venue where the children can gain the confidence to succeed. The Streetlight children are given tuition fee and equipment.


Through our study centers, we are able to help children with their education. By donating, you can partake in making a difference!


Study Center

Our Skill's Training School is an extension program under TESDA, where indigent and out of school youth can acquire special skills to land better-paying jobs.

We offer youth the possibility to specialize in various fields, such as:

  • Motorbike Mechanics

  • Refridgerator/air-con repairers

  • Welding

The program has been a great success, with graduates getting jobs even before they are done!

Skills Training

Skills Training


Through sports and activities, the children get a platform where they can express their emotional baggage, build character and confidence, as well as catering to their physical needs.


The saying goes An active child is a happy child, which we firmly believe in!

Phoenix Football Club is our first initiate, with the team joining and hosting different tournaments!



We also offer Street programs, aimed towards the community around us. Through our Street Walk, we can get closer to the children in the street, to help improve their condition.


Our Streat Theatre is a platform where the street children can showcase their talent, and functions as an outlet to outpour trauma and stigma. At the Theatre, we also show inspiring movies!.


The Street Barbeque is a place where we offer to cook and eat with the street children, gain their trust and connect with them.


Street Progams

Street Programs

Health Care

We provide health care to the children and the employees that are a part of Streetlight, where they get the necessary vaccines and follow up.  


Health Care

As the street children reach adolescence, we teach them how to pay their bills, taxes cook their own food, do laundry, live independently, and other aspects of being a grown-up.


Being prepared for the life after their stay in the orphanage is important, which is why we try to prepare them for living in a local community in a sustainable and safe matter.

Life Skills and Indepedent Living

Life Skills

Family Education

When children become part of Streetlight, their whole family becomes a part of Streetlight. It is therefore important to increase their knowledge of how their children are doing; How to make the best out of their situation? How to provide proper care and nutrition in poverty?


The children also learn how to interact with adults, and create safe environments around them. We teach the parents how to treat their children, how to avoid disciplinary violence, and how to talk to their children.

Family Education
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